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Royal Oak Coach Station

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Royal Oak Tube Station site of replacement for Victoria Coach Station  Public meeting about this: St Stephens Church 7.15 22nd January 2019

The lease for Victoria Coach Station is coming to an end and there is a Transport for London plan to move all or part of it to the vacant land behind Royal Oak Tube Station.

There are strong feelings about this and a public meeting has been arranged at St Stephen’s Church W2 5QT on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 at 7.15 pm.

There is also a petition against this use for the site here.

Elections 2017

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Westbourne Forum Committee Meeting

Westbourne Forum exists to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Westbourne and to influence planning and development of the neighbourhood.

We strive to be representative and accountable to everyone who lives, works, studies or has an active interest in Westbourne.

On the 7th October we will be holding elections for the management committee.

If you are interested in applying to become a Forum committee member please download the .pdf, fill out the application form, then send it to us by the 31st August 2017.

The Westbourne Forum has served Westbourne for 12 years

People from across different parts of the ward have engaged with each other on common issues and in building a stronger sense of community, including organising the annual Westbourne Summer Festival.

Image from Westbourne Forum Election leaflet / form 1 Image from Westbourne Forum Election leaflet / form 2 Image from Westbourne Forum Election leaflet / form 3 Image from Westbourne Forum Election leaflet / form 4

Under the Localism Act 2012, local communities are encouraged to have a Forum designated by the local Council, to enter into dialogue with the Council, particularly for matters of local planning.

Westbourne Forum gained its’ designation from Westminster City Council in 2015.

Over the last year we have been continuing to consult with local people to develop a neighbourhood plan in line with the needs of local people. The plan will set out principles and criteria to inform planning and development in order to promote:

  • a good mix of facilities and amenities, including those that bring people together and foster community
  • an attractive character and identity
  • a more healthy environment
  • a good quality physical environment
  • a low carbon footprint
  • local employment and enterprise
  • good place to live for people of different ages, ethnic & cultural groups

The plan will need to be agreed by a public vote, to be recognised by Westminster City Council, which we aim to do in 2018.

So we are looking for local people who are committed to supporting the work of the forum in building a stronger community and with influencing local planning and development.

Is that you?

If so, please download and fill out the form, then send it to.

Westbourne Forum, Stowe Centre,
258 Harrow Rd, London, W2 5ES

by the 31st August.

Alternatively email the requested details ( or scan the form and send the file ) to the Forum Secretary.

We will not be able to accept any applications after this date.

The elections will be held at the Stowe Centre
from 2-5pm on 7th October 2017.

Westbourne Footbridge

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Proposal for the south side of the Westbourne footbridge

The Westbourne (or Hampden Street) footbridge over the railway runs between Alfred Road and Westbourne Park Villas. Dubbed ‘mugger’s bridge’, the footbridge has many faults and has long been the subject of complaints and criticisms.

As part of the Crossrail Act Crossrail is legally obliged to improve this crossing point. It has now submitted a Schedule 7 application – the equivalent of a planning application. The plans involve installing a ramp providing disabled access on the south side of the bridge. If approved the works will happen later this year.

A ramp will be an improvement on the current position, but it is widely recognised that the proper solution would be a new bridge. Instead, what is being offered is a poor quality bodged job.

Please give your views on the design. To do so online please go to:

Footbridge Update

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Westbourne FootbridgeAnybody following the ongoing saga of the Westbourne Park Footbridge may be interested to know about a meeting of the Hampden Street Footbridge Subgroup of the Paddington Crossrail Liaison Panel to discuss it’s future, since the Connect2 lottery funding improvements were lost as a result of the uncertain design and schedule for electrification of the railway line under the footbridge.

This meeting included representatives from Crossrail, Network Rail and Westminster City Council, as well as Jason and Toby from the Westbourne Forum.

The good news is that we were shown plans for upgrades to the footbridge (in line with Crossrail’s obligations agreed by Parliament), which include a new step-free access route for wheelchairs and prams from Westbourne Park Villas in the south. Security issues are still being discussed with the local police to optimise such things as lighting for at least 5 CCTV cameras.

Unfortunately there is currently no budget, or plan, to ’straighten out the kink’, due to the position of the bridge and also other railway hardware. There are also no plans to make pedestrians on the footbridge significantly more visible – so people could see who was on the bridge before starting out. As new electrification is going to be under the bridge, anything metal dropped through mesh could cause problems and due to the closeness of the signalling lights beside the footbridge, other lights on the bridge could distract or confuse train drivers.

However there is still a chance that these improvements could happen as the meeting was given the following undertaking:

“In line with their holistic approach to works, Network Rail to progress internal discussions, in regard to alignment of any other potential improvement works to the bridge, which could be delivered within the same four year funding period.”

Westbourne Forum would appreciate any comments or observations you have about the footbridge.

Crossrail Drop-In Tuesday 14th September

Friday, September 10th, 2010


Crossrail is currently under construction to provide an East to West rail link across London using underground tunnels.  The West London Tunnel entrance will be situated in Royal Oak.  Crossrail staff will be available to answer questions at the Stowe Centre, 258 Harrow Road, W2 5ES from 3 to 7pm on Tuesday 14th September.  For an information sheet on how the works will be carried out please click on;

Everyone is welcome.  To download the invite to the drop in please click on;